Presenting an array of MP3's for your listening pleasure:

Air Traffic Controllers
- Raul's Finny Friends / When All The Laughter Died In Sorrow live 11 May, 2010 (Gerard Cosloy, guitars, JJ Ruiz, drums)

Air Traffic Controllers - Live At the Australian Grand Prix, 3 March 2002

From the compilation CD U-Sound, Vol. 1 (PAR 010), Matthew Valentine - "Jud The Obscure"

From the compilation CD U-Sound, Vol. 1 (PAR 010), Jackie-0 Motherfucker - "Janis Crush"

Gerard Cosloy - "Once You've Caught The Ambulance, Be Sure To Tell Us What Happens" solo guitar and boxes, recorded April 22, 2001, Compass Point Studios, engineered by Bob Rock's smarter cousin, Rick Rock. Special thanks to Mark Knopfler for the guitar loan.

AMP Studio - "Around Holes " Richard Walker of AMP remixes/revises "External" from Air Traffic Controllers' 'Assistant To The Assistant' CD (PAR 004). Unreleased/unavailable elsewhere.

Gerard Cosloy - "Sound Projector Rate Card" solo guitar and tapes, recorded to minidisc, Westbourne Studios, London, December 11, 1999.

Air Traffic Controllers (Gerard Cosloy, guitars/samples, Jon Steele, drums), untitled new recording (atc_westbournelive.mp3) recorded live on minidisc, Westbourne Studios, London, January 17, 2000.

Air Traffic Controllers live track
(atc_liveatdoublepleasure.mp3) Untitled, recorded live on minidisc, Double Pleasure, New York City, May 1, 1999.

Hollywood Blondes - I Would Like To Settle This In An Amicable Way (from the cancelled 12", PAR 006)

From The album 'rewatching' - anti:clockwise (PAR 009)
- "The Guitar Mash-Down" solo minidisc recording from Robert Dennis (Tono-Bungay), recorded January 2000, CD scheduled for release, October 2000.

From The album 'Whisper Number' - Air Traffic Controllers (PAR 008)
- "If That Isn't A Psuedonym, Perhaps You Should Get One" CD scheduled for release, October 2000.
From the album, Existence Period - Air Traffic Controllers (PAR 005)
Count Your Chickens Before They're Hatched. Recorded live at Downtown Music Gallery, NYC, January 17, 1999. With Chris Lauterbach and Ryan Noel on saxophones.

From the album, Existence Period - Air Traffic Controllers (PAR 005)
Lady Owner, Reluctant Sale. Recorded straight to minidisc, in a basement on Ludlow Street, NYC, December 7th, 1998.

From the album The Horror - Army of Ghosts (PAR 004)
Make Them Die...Out With The Morphine (armyofghosts_makethemdie.mp3)

From Assistant To The Assistant - Air Traffic Controllers (PAR 003)
External (atc_external.mp3)
The War Between The Right & The Wrong (atc_thewarbetween.mp3)
Books On Tape (atc_booksontape.mp3)

From The Art of Looking - Air Traffic Controllers (PAR 002)
The Rise & Fall of The Phnom Penh Rock Scene (atc_therise&fall.mp3)
Fastet Human, Pro Tem. (atc_fastesthuman.mp3)

From Women & Other Minority Groups, Vol. 1 - Air Traffic Controllers (PAR 001)
Holloway & Horne (atc_holloway&horne.mp3)
Raul's Finny Friends (atc_raulsfinnyfriends.mp3)





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